Θήρα, Ακρωτήρι, Περίσσα, την Οία. Look Greek to you?  Hope you were paying attention to those funny symbols in algebra class because for our sixth and final video in our EuroTrip series, we visit the enchanting Greek isle of Santorini to see the donkeys in Thira (Θήρα), the Red Beach of Akrotiri (Ακρωτήρι), huge plates of gyros in Perissa (Περίσσα), and the gorgeous sunsets of Oia (Οία). The perfect way to cap off our whirlwind trip through Europe…

Accommodations by:

Sunset Cruise provided by:

Recommended Restaurants:
Perissa Tavern [Perissa]
Skala [Oia]

Music Credit:
Edward Maya Feat. Vika Jigulina – “This Is My Life”

Production Notes:

  • Production took place over just a couple days on location in Santorini, after a 6am flight from Rome that morning on “Blue Panorama Airlines”.  Yeah, doesn’t sound too safe, but they’re a good budget airline that fit exactly what our schedule needed.  Besides, we got to spend plenty of time around the island, so it was well worth it.
  • This was actually our first real go-round with the DiCaPac and while it may look no better than a ziplock bag, it certainly does the job.  And for a lot less than one of those professional housing!  You can’t go diving with this thing, but it’ll let you get those underwater shots in a pinch.  Granted, since this was our first time, and we weren’t exactly snorkeling, there wasn’t much to see (no turtles…) – but we had a couple decent shots with ideas for more in future shoots.  It’s a little scary at first thinking that you are dunking your $1000+ DSLR camera into the open ocean, but with a little care and proper cleaning, the DiCaPac does it’s job and keeps your investment dry.  (Just do this with your wife’s camera first :) )
  • I loved the beef & lamb gyros there.  I had one every day.  With a coke.
  • The sunsets in Oia were absolutely unforgettable – probably only 2nd to the sunsets at Cafe del Mar in Ibiza.  If you go, find a good stakeout place and sit tight.  I ended up using every single one of my lenses while we were perched on our spot above the wall, including the 24-105, 10-22, 50mm, and 70-300.
  • When possible, clean the DiCaPac’s lens port between shots so you an have something nice and clear for the following shot.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to suck the air out of the DiCaPac before you seal it up.  It’ll make the lens port that much easier to manage.  (Because trust me – it’s bad enough as it is already!)
  • On the boat, absolutely crucial to have some sort of stabilization.  Tripod was super handy.
  • The scenes in Thira were partially processed through CrumplePop’s Shrinkray plugin for FCP X.  I grabbed it when they were giving it away for free – Gives a nice tilt shift effect that can make things look super tiny.  Also some epic saturation in there as well.
  • For this project, I left little bits of the ambient sound in there as I thought they would help enhance the story line
  • While it does sound Mediterranean, Edward Maya is actually from Romania (not Greece).  I still like the feel of the music and specifically picked it for this short film.
  • The sunset cruise is highly recommended.  Who wouldn’t want to sail on the same boats that Food Network celebrity chefs Giada de Laurentis and Bobby Flay have been on?  Check out their site, santorinisailing.com – it’s well worth it!
  • All shots graded by hand in FCP X.  I’d love to try out MBL as a starting point, but unfortunately don’t have that for FCP X… yet…   But for me, it gets kind of addicting looking at the scopes and try to make the color as best as it can be.  I think it’s definitely helped to improve my shots and I’ve got a pretty good understanding of exposure and HSL curves now.
  • We met some Filipinos from Dubai while waiting for the sun to set in Oia.  So Elvin (or is it Alvin?) – if you’re out there and you see your cameo at the end there, e-mail us and let us know!!! =)

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