Week 44: Jungfraujoch

The third video in our EuroTrip series, we stop by Zurich for some sightseeing, a pot of genuine Swiss fondue, and a much needed replacement hard drive at the Apple Store before continuing on to Lauterbrunnen Valley, where herds of Swiss cows graze in the shadows of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains.

In just one day, we explore both sides of the Valley, starting with an early trip up from Stechelberg to Gimmelwald to buy some genuine Alpkasen (Alp Cheese) before heading back down and hitting up Wengen, taking the cable car to Mannlichen, hiking a few miles down to Kliene Schidegg in the blistering cold and falling snow to get some breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, then visiting the Swiss cows and their symphony of bells before taking the trains up to Jungfraujoch “The Top of Europe” and enjoying the views at the top all by ourselves with a pack of Swiss chocolate in hand.

Not a lot of folks think about going to a place like Lauterbrunnen Valley when they visit Europe, but trust me – after my first visit on a Contiki tour, this is one place you won’t want to miss!

P.S. Many thanks to Rick Steves for directing us to the Alpkase in Gimmelwald – a great find!

Music Credit: Frank Ifield – “She Taught Me How To Yodel”

Production Notes:

  • Our flight from Paris to Zurich was super early (6am?) – it was a rewards flight on Swiss Air and was meant to give us some time to hang out with Eddie if he had decided to do Paris-Brest-Paris that week….  but we did get that great shot of the clouds from the plane!
  • Ever since I had been to Lauterbrunnen valley back in 2002 (after I graduated from school), I knew I wanted to come back.  And I promised myself that when I came back, I would do some hiking here.  So we decided to do just that – including a hike from Mannlichen to Kliene Schidegg (~3mi).  Since we were backpacking, this meant keeping our gear to a minimum – which is the primary reason why I opted for the 24-105mm f/4L IS (offering more range and weighing 1/2 lb less than my regular 24-70mm f/2.8L) and the carbon fiber Giottos VGR-8225 tripod w/ igus 1040 DIY slider.
  • Unfortunately for us, it had just started to snow the night before and was continuing to snow as we took the cable car up to Mannlichen – so our views of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau were obscured by clouds and snow from time to time.  We weren’t prepared for this, so here we are hiking down to Kliene Schidegg in the wet snow with just a pair of sandals and a hoodie.  We  made the most of it but were thrilled when the clouds cleared up at one point along the way.
  • We ate a lot of swiss chocolate – buying it in bulk at the grocery stores and munching on it even at the top of the Jungfrau!
  • Cows!  We wanted to see them and luckily for us, there were a ton!  We even snagged a bell for our dog to wear :)
  • This project was also done fully in FCP X, just as my trial starts to run out (only 3 days left!).  This is also the first project that I full graded in FCP X (every shot!) and I have to say that I think it really does make a difference in the end result!  Will need to go back to Premiere to see if I can duplicate some of this.  On top of that, I’d love to go back and grade some of my old Cinestyle footage to see if I can really make it look a lot better!
  • A couple more timelapses here – one from our bedroom in the early morning (before heading to Stechelberg) and another from Kliene Schidegg as we’re eating rosti & bratwurst before the train up to Jungfraujoch

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