Week 30: Rode Video Mic Test Shots

Honestly, you shouldn’t be watching this video. It’s more for testing out the proper audio settings for my Rode Video Mic (which I got used off of Craigslist – like much of my other equipment :P ). See, the 7D doesn’t have proper manual audio controls like the 5Dmk2 and the 60D, so we have to use a special cable (the Sescom DSLR-AGCY) to inject a high-pitched, high volume, constant tone onto one of the audio channels to “defeat” the Automatic Gain Control that is on the camera. The results? Just listen… to my dog howl :P

Production Notes:

  • The other test I snuck in here is at 4:43.  Since the video was shot indoors at night with hardly any light, I had to bump up the ISO to about 2500.  Of course, there’s no substitute for doing the correction “in camera” (Add more light to record at ISO 160), but thought it might be a good opportunity to try out Magic Bullet Denoiser to see how well it worked and compare quality side-by-side.
  • As a side note, I’m using a 3rd gen iPod nano here to inject the tone onto one channel of the audio.  I just set the iPod to repeat the current song and flip the “Hold” switch and I’m good to go.  Lots more info on the cable and the .mp3 file used on Dave Dugdale’s site here:
  • One thing I haven’t done yet is try out the “low cut” feature on the mic, which is supposed to cut out some of the lower frequencies and “rumbling” noise you can get from handling the mic during recording…  Will schedule that for another time
  • And one last thing: a dead cat.  I have material left over from my other home made windscreen (For the Zoom H1) to make a deadcat for this one… Might be blue and distracting, but probably better than nothing for the next outdoor wedding :)



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